You’re Trapped in Hard-Gainer Hell - You Can’t Gain (or Keep) an Ounce of Muscle If Your Life Depended on It.

Yeah, there was that one time you managed to gain 22lbs.

Only problem - you spent $300 on new pants (3 sizes bigger) because 19 of those 22-lbs went straight to your gut.

Then you did what all hard-gainers do - you panicked, dieted off the fat-gain, lost the miniscule gains you made, and ended up back at square one:

  • Weak
  • Skinny
  • Depressed and unable to out-deadlift the Captain of the High School Girls Soccer Team

Is Gaining Muscle Without Getting Fat Impossible?

If you’ve been lifting your ass off and eating like a beast for a while, and are still struggling to gain any muscle, it will be hard to believe that it’s actually possible for a guy like you to pack on lean mass without getting a huge gut & a matching set of love handles.

You’ve probably witnessed the dudes who’d had enough of being a hard-gainer and went the “Powerlifter” route.

They kept lifting but their diet went from hardcore natural bodybuilder to cake-guzzling, pizza-devouring, buffet-destroying (quasi) Powerlifter.

After a few months of that madness, they’re stronger (though a real Powerlifter would laugh them off the platform) and they’re bigger (but they look like they’re starring in the Michelin Man movie).

No Matter How Much Food I Eat, I Can’t Gain Weight

You’re dying to add slaps of muscle and finally turn heads when you step foot on the beach, but the idea of turning into a bloated, obese, wanna-be strongman turns your stomach.

Good News: you don’t have to gain fat to pack on muscle.

More Good News: You don’t have to guzzle down McDonalds just to gain a pound.

And, you don’t have to spend 2-hours a day in the gym.

In fact, there is a little-known fool-proof method to rapidly get bigger, stronger, and stack slabs of lean muscle-mass (naturally) without getting fat or destroying your health.

The Best News: You can gain lean, vascular muscle, and keep it on for good if you follow these Three Simple Hardgainer Hacks I’m about to lay out for you… Finally, getting jacked is much easier than you think.

Fellow hard-gainer, I’m Vince Sant, Certified Trainer, Internationally Renowned Fitness Model, and author of 6 of the best selling training programs on the internet, and I’ve been where you are right now.

Staring in the mirror after a tough workout, wondering why the hell I’m not gaining muscle…

Staggering out of the gym on yet another heavy Squat day, dejected and confused, angry that my legs hadn’t grown a fraction of an inch despite TONS of leg work and big eating.

Hell, I was so skinny (and hopelessly devoid of any HOPE of gaining even an ounce of muscle) that I had to quit the football team because my coaches actually feared for my safety.

After having zero success with sports as a kid, I fell in love with football. But, after only a month on the team, the coaches told me I had to get off the field until I put some size one… or I’d “Seriously get killed out there.”

Quitting football about killed me.

It was one of the toughest decisions of my life, and knowing that getting back on the team was just a few lbs of muscle away was maddening.


No matter how much I lifted, no matter how big I ate, I couldn’t gain size. Any the scaled inched up, so did my waist line.

Depression Fueled an Anger Which Led Me to Discover the Secrets of Packing on Lean Muscle Mass Quickly, Without Gaining Fat

  • Stop struggling to gain even a fraction of an inch on your arms
  • Can’t take another friend asking “if you workout all the time, how come you’re not gettin any bigger?”
  • Sick to your stomach at the thought of spending another summer with your shirt on, hiding your bony chest, shoulders, and arms
  • Want desperately to finally pack-on lean muscle, but are scared to death of watching your waistline explode every time you bulk?

I’m here to tell you, there IS hope.

In fact, i’ve personally witnessed this program, and these three simple fixes, help skinny guys pack on 5X’s more muscle than ever before

First, forget all of your past failures.

Most bulking programs you see in bodybuilding magazines, or on some random website, are laughably bad. They load the workouts with crazy exercises and outrageous sets and reps, then force feed you low-quality, high-calorie foods.

Then, they tell you you need to choke down ultra high calorie “Weight Gainers” until your bloated, gassy, and the very thought of eating makes you wanna puke.

Guess where that combo leads you?

Yup, right to the land of the Skinny-Fat

Gaining Muscle without Getting Fat is NOT a Hopeless, Distant Dream…

If you follow these Three Hardgainer Hacks, and implement them in the revolutionary 90-Day CLEAN BULK Program, you’re Guaranteed to gain weight.

Simple Hardgainer Hacks for Rapid Lean Muscle Gain:

01Stop Stuffing Yourself

I know, every bulking program tells you to “eat HUGE to get huge.” So, you load up your plate at every meal, stuffing in max calories a few times a day.

However, the truth is you’re constantly bloated and end up not eating enough! That’s right, enormous meals don’t pack muscle on skinny dudes - those big meals actually make you fat and force your body to LOSE muscle.

Crazy right?

Your body needs protein around the clock to grow. This is why meal timing and macronutrient density is key to providing your skinny body with the anabolic environment it needs to grow muscle.

Stuffing yourself leads you to eat less overall, plus concentrates all of your calories and protein into a few feedings. This leaves your body devoid of muscle-building protein.

Since you’re working out hard, your body will search for that protein to repair the damage from your training.

Since there no protein in your system, it will turn to the only source available - your own muscle tissue.

That’s right, sounds like a horror movie, but it’s science: your body will eat it’s own muscle tissue. This is called catabolism, and you need to avoid this at all costs.

Feeding your body well-timed, precisely calculated meals throws the switch, turning your body from catabolic to anabolic.

Just this hack alone will pack muscle onto your frame, Guaranteed.

The trick is knowing when, what, and how much to eat for maximum muscle and strength gains...

02Fast and Ferocious

get in and out of the gym in less than an hour for maximum muscle growth. Yes, most bulking programs have about 50-exercises and a thousand reps per workout. This is exactly why they fail.

Your body’s testosterone and Growth Hormone Levels peak between 45 and 60-minutes into your workout.

After this, you’ve passed the point of diminishing returns, and any exercise will actually hurt your gains.

Skinny dudes need to maximize testosterone and growth hormone production - these two hormones are KEY to gaining muscle.

When you train fast & ferocious, you enter Beast Mode while your GH and TEST are peaking and get out before they plummet: more muscle, less fat, rapid recover, faster muscular-weight gain.

03Avoid Worthless Supplements

Most supplements suck for building mass

The vast majority of “Weight Gainers” are nothing more than overpriced sugar with bottom-of-the-barrel protein mixed in.

Most of the other supplements targeted at hardgainers aren’t much better.

Rather than blow money on worthless supplements, I’m going to let you in on the secret guide that professional bodybuilders use to find the few supplements that actually work.

Normally this guide goes for $149.00, but I’ll send it to you Absolutely Free.

Bonus Hack: Slow Down to Speed Up Muscle Growth

Here’s a quick bonus hack for you, because I’m betting that most of the bulking programs you’ve seen want you to constantly max out with heavy weight for low reps.

This hasn’t worked for you.


Big power athletes like Powerlifters, Strongman Competitors, Football Players, can gain muscle and power with this method because they’re typically LOADED with fast-twitch muscle fibers. The low rep, heavy weight is perfect for their bodies.

Unfortunately, you and I, the perpetual hard-gainer-skinny-dude, are not blessed with this abundance of fast twitch fibers.

For us to pack on mass, we have to rob a trick that top bodybuilders have been using for decades: Time Under Tension (TUT)

TUT is key to muscle growth for skinny guys. Simply, you lift and lower your weights at a specific tempo to stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibers with every rep.

You literally slow done your lift to speed up muscle growth.

When you learn and apply the intricate secrets of TUT, you’re bodyweight and muscle mass will undergo explosive growth.

Guess What Happens When You Apply These Hardgainer Hacks to a Proven Diet and Training Program Designed SPECIFICALLY for Skinny Guys Like You
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You’re About to Gain Exclusive Access to the Secrets That Lead to 37% MORE Muscle Growth for 6-hours Post Training, PLUS Gain 51% More Muscle for 24-Hours After Every. Single. Workout.

Introducing the 90-Day CLEAN BULK Program, 100% Designed for Guys Who Want to Quickly

  • Build sleeve-busting guns
  • Pack on powerful, lean, vascular muscle mass in the chest, arms, thighs, calves, and back
  • Posses bone-crushing strength
  • Finally gain quality, functional, muscular body weight (and keep it on for good)
  • Boost muscular bodyweight by 17, 19, even 21+lbs while getting shredded

The guys in those pictures were once just like you. They were fed up with being skinny and decided to do something about it.

90-short days later they’re bigger, stronger, and straight-up ripped.

What changed?

They stopped guessing what to do. They stopped blindly following diets and workouts the found for Free online or tor out of the latest issue of Muscle & Fiction

How YOU Will Go from Hard-Gainer (or Skinny-Fat) to Sporting Mounds of Muscle in 90-Days

You CAN achieve amazing results by doing what thousands of other formerly-skinny men did:

Follow the step-by-step, Revolutionary 90-Day CLEAN BULK Diet and Training System to rapidly gain 11, 15, 17, even 21+lbs of lean mass, guaranteed.

90-Day CLEAN BULK makes it possible for even the hardest of hard gainers to pack on lean mass while torching fat, giving you the ripped, lean, powerful look you’ve always wanted.

I developed this system because I literally had no choice. I needed to gain muscle. There was zero room for failure.

After being misled by the bodybuilding mags, and blowing money on worthless supplements, getting fat on Kitchen-Sink bulking diets, and killing myself in the gym with impossible-to-follow workouts that were written for guys who gained muscle naturally (and easily), I’d had enough.

I decided to cut through the B.S., and asked some older guys who’d escaped Hard-Gainer Hell. They set me on the right path, then over the next decade I refined this system, going from “too skinny” to play football to Internationally renowned fitness Model.

Along the way, the 90-Day CLEAN BULK system helped thousands of other painfully skinny guys pack on lean muscle, fast.

Are You Ready to Finally Cut Through the B.S., and Gain Exclusive Access to the Complete Muscle Building Solution to Giving You a Body That Matches the Top Fitness Models in the World?

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  • 01The Monster Mass Magic Mix - How to masterfully manipulate heavy, medium, and high-rep days mixed with TUT and Ideal Frequency to finally bust down your genetic barriers
  • 02Rapid Muscle Gain Macronutrient-Matrix - The EXACT blend of carbs, protein, fats, and calories you must consume to quickly gain lean muscle mass (and keep it on forever). If your macronutrient ratios are off, gaining muscular weight will be impossible
  • 03Cultivating the “Muscle-Mind” - 3-simple Mindset Changes that burst open the muscle-building floodgates… this step is an absolute must. In fact, it’s so important that we devoted an entire book to helping you unlock the mental barriers keeping you from having the body of your dreams.

Don’t You Deserve to Be Proud of How You Look in the Mirror?

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste - CLEAN BULK Program, and you’ll finally pack on lean, powerful muscle in just 90-Days - GUARANTEED

This is not some random, internet, fly-by-night program. This system took thousands of hours to perfect. This is the exact step-by-step approach that transformed me, and tons of guys just like you from thin, skinny-fat, or hardgainer to Beasts.

You’re going to get:

The Insider’s Supplement Guide
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don’t just add mass, get shredded, too! This guide is perfect for etching a cut, blocky, 6-pack

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the precise formula for hardgainers like you to rapidly gain lean, muscular weight.

Diet Guide, Part 2
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how to customize your diet formula to perfectly fit your body, your goals, and your lifestyle to produce lightning-like results

Training Your Mind
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the proven secrets to developing the must-have “Muscle Mind,” and unleashing your body’s full potential. Without the right mindset, getting your dream body will be impossible.

The Clean Bulk Program
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putting together your complete, step-by-step guide to packing 21+lbs of lean, vascular, powerful muscle in just 90-days

Now, for this complete system, for the 6+ volumes of hardgainer hacks, for the ability to finally add weight to your skinny frame (and keep it on for good), you might expect to pay the normal price of $500.00

Don’t worry, you’re not going to pay $500, or even $250.


Because I wish someone had done all this for me back when I was painfully skinny and desperately needed to gain mass (plus, back then I was a broke high school kid, so I know how tight money can be sometimes)

That’s why we’re offering the 90-Day CLEAN BULK System for only $87

However… because you’re here today looking for help… and I know if you’ve read this far that you’re 100% serious about finally gaining enough lean muscle mass to start busting through your shirts like the Hulk, I’m going to give you a one-time-only offer:

If you act right now, you can get the entire system for only $87

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That’s right, the 90-Day Clean BULK System comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for a full 30-days. If you’re not blown away by how much weight you pack on, simply email us and we’ll refund your purchase in full.

I’ve been where you are now. I know the pain of hiding under bulky hoodies, layering y shirts, and avoiding the beach. Please, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to have the body you’ve always dreamed of:

My 30-Day


I personally guarantee the results from all of my fitness programs. If you try this program for 30 days and you are not happy with the results, we will refund you. All you have to do is send us an email with your request.

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